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from Short Cuts, a Falling Tree Production for BBC Radio 4


The piece is titled PMHx, a medical acronym for Patient Medical History. Years ago, a cardiologist insisted I have a loop recorder installed in my chest. The purpose was to monitor my heart. Little did they know, they created an android. This piece meditates on the history of Black bodies as vessels of experimentation, and how the melding of tech and self has a longer history than one might imagine. — James T. Green


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  • Listen when you’re contemplating your mortality.

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Written, Sound Designed, Scored, & Performed: James T. Green.

Editorial Guidance: C’ne Rohlsen, Axel Kacoutié,

C.C. Paschal, Cher Vincent, Zakiya Gibbons, Veralyn Williams, & Andrea Rangecroft provided editorial guidance.

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