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Mozhgan Moarefizadeh is stuck in Jakarta, living without rights — but with a yappy dog named Bella. With journalist Nicole Curby, she brings you into the lives of refugees like her, who are trapped on Australia’s new borderline, in Indonesia. 


The Wait is a five-part podcast series that grew out of Nicole and Mozhgan’s friendship. The Wait walks a unique and delicate line, presenting rigorous in-depth reporting while placing authority in Moarefizadeh’s hands, who is the series’ co-host, central protagonist, reporter, interpreter, and expert. — The producers

Nicole and Mozhgan interviewing Abdullah Sarwari for The Wait.jpg

Instructions for Listening

  • Listen in headphones or good speakers so you don't miss the sound design.

The Wait, Episode 1: A Paradox And A Dilemma
00:00 / 35:49
The Wait, Episode 2: We Say It’s Chance
00:00 / 31:02
The Wait, Episode 3: The Place Where We Are Kept
00:00 / 40:46
The Wait, Episode 4: If There Is A God
00:00 / 41:44
The Wait, Episode 5: Don’t Forget To Smile
00:00 / 40:28


Producer, Writer, & Co-host: Nicole Curby 

Co-host & Co-creator: Mozhgan Moarefizadeh

Co-writer & Supervising Producer: Michael Green

Sound Design & Mixing: Bec Fary

Theme Music: Emma Davis

Editorial Support: Miles Martigioni


The Wait was produced in conjunction with The Guardian and first aired on their Full Story news podcast.


Support for this project was provided by the Walkley Public Fund, and a Judith Neilson Institute Freelance Grant for Asian Journalism.

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