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PANDEMIC DIARIES:One Couple's Story of Isolation and Love in a Nursing Home 

My goal with this story was to get some big feelings on the radio. It was still early in the pandemic, and we were all so (rightly) focused on getting out the facts and the numbers and the government regulations. I wanted to add something to our air that reflected more about fear and isolation.


So I dug through our listener surveys to find responses that included emotional words. Dotty had left us a note about her worries, which led me not only to some very relatable big feelings, but also a production puzzle that I still am so proud that we pulled off. We re-aired it in January of this year, after Peter died of Covid-19. — Lauren Choolijan

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Listening Instructions

Your experience might be enhanced by eating cheese and crackers — specifically cheddar and swiss — while listening to this piece.​

Hear More

​If you want to hear about the lengths we had to go to record this story, read this.


Reporter/Producer: Lauren Chooljian

Producer: Jason Moon

Editor: Dan Barrick

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