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from Queens Public Library/Queens Memory Project

On this episode of Queens Memory Project, we hear from two first responders who work in Queens, New York. Diana Wilson has been an EMT for 17 years, and Rob Semple started as a firefighter shortly after the pandemic began. As Black folks, they share their experiences of working in a pandemic that disproportionately affects Black, Latinx, and Indigenous Americans, and discuss issues like finding emotional support while cut off from loved ones, first responders’ lack of hazard pay, and the movement for Black lives.


With guest host Sam Riddell we learn about all this and more from two individuals who put their lives on the line every single day, working against the storm of Covid-19.  — The producers


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Listening Instructions

From Executive Producer Jordan Gass-Poore':

  • Ideally, listen with friends and family via speaker.

  • Reflect back on the past two years: How has Covid-19 impacted your life?


From Host, Sam Riddell:

  • To listen all you need is yourself, but you can listen with a pal.

  • Don't listen until you're ready to deeply reflect on the early days of Covid-19.

  • Have tissues handy. 


Community Coordinator & Host, Queens Memory Project: Meral Agish 

Executive Producer, Queens Memory Project: Jordan Gass-Poore

Director and Founder, Queens Memory Project: Natalie Milbrodt 

Re-Recording Mixer, Queens Memory Project: Briana Stodden

Producer, Queens Memory Project: Jo-Ann Wong

Producer and Editor, Queens Memory Project: Anna Williams

Producer, Queens Memory Project: Sam Riddell

Producer, Queens Memory Project: Syreeta Gates

Producer, Queens Memory Project: Giulia Hjort

Producer, Queens Memory Project: Theresa Gaffney 

Composer, Queens Memory Project: Elias Ravin

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